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Lunch from the Barn: Another Promise of Springtime!

I suppose our 2 ducks know about Daylight Savings Time.

Earlier this week, Leopold and I discovered 9 eggs tucked away in a cozy little nest in the back of the - you guessed it - the donkey stall. Must feel like a safe place?

We couldn't resist the thought of treating the family to a tasty omelette lunch, so we snagged 8 of them and ran inside. Tip: When robbing your first duck nest, it's important to leave one behind in order to tell the ducks, "Yes, we do like that you're laying eggs here. Keep it up so we know where to look tomorrow!"

Who is responsible for laying these gorgeous, GIGANTIC eggs? That would be the remnant of our once prolific duck flock, Tutu and Sunflower. (One's a Crested Pekin, the other a Jumbo Pekin.) For entering their 4th springtime, the eggs they're producing are immaculate and robust. Thick, substantial, cheddar cheese colored yolks and crystal clear albumin were inside each one. Knowing the girls are earning their keep by giving back to my kids' bellies helps me overlook the sound of their pre-dawn quackings.

Once inside, we washed them up. Iohanna insisted they be arranged on a pretty napkin to let them dry. (Photo evidence above.) Leo plugged in the griddle. We cracked them into a mason jar, then added milk, salt & pepper, and herbs. Toss in a blender ball before vigorous shaking them in a sealed jar helps to whip up these hearty eggs in no time - even toddlers can help! Fry away and top with spinach or salsa and a slice of your favorite cheese and - Viola! - lunch from the barn.

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