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Leia (cream & black) x Mando (cream & black)

Born 9/3/2022

Cara (ginger & black) x Mando (cream & black)

Born 9/3/2022

Leia (cream & black) x Mando (cream & black)

Born 3/22/2022

Cara (ginger/black) x Mando (black/cream)

born 3/16/2022

All Double-Wattled



"Robin Hood"

A spectacular ginger, double-wattled Kune Kune Male looking for new pastures.

This guy is a proven breeder, and sired his first of 3 litters for us in December 2020 (farrowed 3/19/2021). Take a look at the quality of piglets he helped create by looking at the litter above! Nice color and conformation on all of them. 

He's approx 20months old. Super sweet personality, can be kept in with piglets, comes when he's called, VERY tame, friendly with humans and other pigs. Does not root, eats hay, hog feed, table scraps.

Price: $OLD

Princess Leia x Mando

farrowed October 4, 2021

(All double-wattled except #6)