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The Elms Spice Cake

Dark Red Jennet

MDR# on file

Height: 32.25"

Birth: April 19, 2010 in Mason, Ohio

Sire:  MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska

          Grandsire: Circle C Black Russian (31" Black w/ cross NLP) - Blackie, Albert, Canada

          Granddam: MGF Venus Francine (34" Dark Brown) - Gurley, Nebraska

Dam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas 

          Grandsire: Rearview's Red Beau (32" Dark Red) - Gurley, Nebraska [1995 National Color Champion]

          Granddam: Rearview's Blossom (34" Red) - Yates Center, Kansas [1990 Color Champion]

Spice Cake is a showy, alert donkey who's always waiting to please you and interact with whoever comes out the back door of the house. We love her dark red color, the roaning on her face, and her sleek, soft, loooooong ears. She leads like a dream, and so is a fun one to take on a walk. Her gait is sophisticated and deliberate, and she's got a personality to match. Spice Cake settles in foal easily, and foals just as naturally. She's a fantastic mother and does a phenomenal job socializing her young ones. All of her foals exhibit Spice Cake's exceptional disposition. Spice Cake is a joy to have here in every regard, and we hope to give her the chance to produce many top-quality donkeys at our farm.  


Prov Cottage Bruno Kolbe 2.jpg

Cabinwood's Eleanor

Black Jennet 

MDR# on file

Height: 32.75"

Birth: March 8, 2012 in Middlefield, Ohio

Sire:  Furball Acres Jokers Wild (31.75" Very Dark Brown) - Johnston, SC

          Grandsire: Merry-Go-Round Sir BooBerry Creme (33.5" - White*) - Williamston, MI 

          Granddam: Furball Acres Hope (33.75" - Grey Dun) - Johnston, SC 

Dam: Assphalt Acres Nicoal (34" Black) - Manilla, IN

          Grandsire: The Elms King Coal (32" Black) - Mason, OH

          Granddam: Fisher's Black Ooboo (33.25" Black) - Alexandria, IN

Eleanor exudes power and grace. We had the honor of bringing her into our breeding herd in early 2020 after searching the Midwest for  a stunning black jennet with a strong pedigree. Our intention is that her bloodlines will add drafty anatomical integrity and richness to the perfect conformity that our jacks bring to the stable. Seeing her coal-black frame in my chartreuse pasture brings me delight every time I gaze at the pasture. 



Providence Cottage Ecclesia


Dark Red Jennet

MDR# pending

Birth Height: 19"

Birth: June 12, 2019 in Anna, OH

Sire: Papetti's Eggstraordinary JJ (30" Dark Red) - Addison, VT 

          Grandsire: Stoney Acres Pompei (31.5" Dark Red) - Albert, Canada

          Granddam: Ass-pirin Acres Jesta Starfire (32.5" Red) - Addison, Vermont

Dam: The Elms Spice Cake (32.25" Dark Red) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska 

          Granddam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas

Ecclesia embodies everything I've ever wanted to see in a red jennet: ALL RED pedigree, a perfect white muzzle, a sophisticated gait, good barn manners, leads like diva, and with a white star on her forehead! She was born on our farm to our best ALL RED breeding duo, Spice Cake and J.J. Big plans await her! 



(for reference) 

TBG update 2018 left side_edited.jpg


(a.k.a. TBG)

Black Jennet with Light Points

MDR# on file

Height: 29" 

Birth: July 28, 2015 in Sanger, Texas

Sire:  Circle C Victory (29.75" Black) - Blackie, Alberta, Canada

          Grandsire: MGF Future Link (32" Black w/ cross) - Gurley, Nebraska

          Granddam: Circle C Victoria's Secret (33.5" Black)

Dam: Designer Donkeys' Precious (31" Grey-Dun) - Cleburne, Texas 

          Grandsire: Cirlce C Obsession (32.5" Black w/cross) - Blackie, Alberta, Canada [WORLD CHAMPION JACK]

          Granddam: LN Dee Shady Side (31.5" Grey-Dun) - Corwith, Iowa

TBG is small and gentle, trustworthy and companionable. Her alert and responsive temperament have made her easy to work with, and because of that, she's taken up a side-hustle of public appearances. In 2018, she served as a therapy animal for children who experienced the loss of a loved one. Later that summer, TBG spent several hours at our local Parish Picnic & Family Festival, where her adorableness was admired by teens, children, parents, nuns, and priests. Show potential coupled with black-as-midnight color are great assets for this young jennet. 


Frosted Spotted White Jennet (WOOLY)

MDR# on file

Height: 31.5"

Birth: July 25, 2000 in Gurley, Nebraska

Sire: CP's Harry (31" Grey-Dun) - DeWitt, Nebraska

         Grandsire: Rosebud II

         Granddam: Untraced

Dam: MGF Venus White Raven (33.75" FSW White) - Gurley, Nebraska

          Grandsire: GP Peanut (32.5" Brown & White Spotted) - Lockney, TX

          Granddam: MGF Venus Lenore (33" Grey-Dun) - Gurley, Nebraska

Venus Eyes Only is a lovely, polite donkey that we love seeing out in the pasture. Our kids while away the hours brushing that puffy, wooly coat of hers. She was born with this desirable wooly trait as the fruit of the hard work done at the McRoberts Game Farm, which selected for it. Eyes Only has produced several wooly foals in her career. She possesses the "I'll go where you go" disposition that I love to observe in a donkey, and is happy to let young kids dote on her. This fluffy jennet hangs out with her buddy Anton (they're practically inseparable), but is happy to lend a hoof as "midwife" when foals are on their way! 

Update: After a long and fulfilling farm life, the lovely Eyes Only died suddenly and unexpectedly in November 2017. We regret her passing. 

Holly Dandy Oct2019.jpg
TPR Holly Dandy

Brown and White Spotted Jennet 

MDR# on file

Height: 31.5"

Birth: December 1, 2012 in Lathrop, MO

Sire:  Cyder's Jim Dandy (30.5" Black w/ cross) - Mishicot, Wisconsin

          Grandsire: Cyder's Jimmy Brown (30.75" Dark Brown) - Mishicot, Wisconsin

          Granddam: Cyder's Darla (Brown) - Mishicot, Wisconsin 

Dam: Heavenly Gum Drop (33" Dark Grey and White Spotted) - Royal Center, Indiana 

          Grandsire: Ozark Warpaint (33.5" Brown and White Spotted) - Bixby, Oklahoma

          Granddam: Big Woods Sweet Gum (33.75" Dark Grey-Dun *NLP) - Chapel Hill, North Carolina

SHOW RESULTS: 1st Place - Ozark Mule Days, Ozark MO Color Class
                               2nd Place - Halter Jennet Class, Kellyville OK, 2014

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