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Our Farm Story

We brought home our first donkey in 2015. What began as the pursuit of a family-friendly farmyard pet led to a developing interest in the pedigree, conformation, and role of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey in America.


At Providence Cottage Farm, we believe that the donkey exists for the glory of God and the joy of mankind.

To those ends, we strive to breed donkeys that are resilient enough to be put to work, beautiful enough to simply adorn your pasture, and charming enough to draw you in to a companionship that will fill a corner of your heart. 

As members of the American Donkey & Mule Society and the National Miniature Donkey Association, Providence Cottage Farm works with a small, very select herd of top quality Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys, breeding only 2-4 jennets per year. This means we're focused and very familiar with each of our animals, their qualities and personalities, needs, and potential. We raise and sell these creatures according to NMDA standards, and in so doing, wish to promote the presence of the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey in our culture. 

Our homesteading endeavors continue to develop every year! New to our offerings is a Fairy Tale Pumpkin roadside stand, where we offer for sale some of the most unique and imaginative pumpkins in the county.


In 2018 we began filling orders for custom-milled lumber on our Woodland Mills HM126 sawmill, and look forward to watching another hobby turn into a source of providence for our family and community! 

2020 rolled in, and we brought KUNE KUNE PIGS to our homestead. Avoiding all things gigantic (excepting our family size), we wanted a slow and steady grower that fit our small scale, had a pet-like personality, and could eat our most abundant food source: grass! We've been selectively breeding KK piglets for a few years now, stocking our own freezer as well as equipping other families to do the same... or just providing them with a lovely in-or-outdoor pet. We raise them on rotated pasture for 3 seasons and nourish them with hay and some grain in the winter. Economical, easy, and enjoyable. Some of our stock are AKKPS registered, others are not. We're versatile!

Please feel welcome to view our site and get a glimpse into Providence Cottage Farm!

We graciously accept phone calls and visits by appointment. 

~ Joe & Erica Schmiesing of Providence Cottage

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