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Foals of 2019


Providence Cottage Ecclesia


Dark Red Jennet

MDR# pending

Birth Height: 19"

Birth: June 12, 2019 in Anna, OH

Sire: Papetti's Eggstraordinary JJ (30" Dark Red) - Addison, VT 

          Grandsire: Stoney Acres Pompei (31.5" Dark Red) - Albert, Canada

          Granddam: Ass-pirin Acres Jesta Starfire (32.5" Red) - Addison, Vermont

Dam: The Elms Spice Cake (32.25" Dark Red) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska 

          Granddam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas

Ecclesia is the second gorgeous red jennet that I got out of the JJ/Spice Cake breeding. She is a classy young jenny with a deep red coat and a white star on her forehead. I'm going to retain her for my red breeding program. Look for her babies in 2023. 

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