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Providence Cottage ANTON

34" Grey-Dun Gelding

MDR pending

Birth: March 2002

When Robert Green imported the first miniature Mediterranean donkeys in 1929, he said of them, "Miniature donkeys possess the affectionate nature of a Newfoundland, the resignation of a cow, the durability of a mule, the courage of a tiger, and an intellectual capability only slightly inferior to man's." I have found all of that to ring true for our very own Anton. Anton is a pet extraordinaire and was the perfect fit for our young hobby family! Everything good about the donkey can be found in him. He brays quizzically when you come outside, hoping you'll brush him, feed him, or take him out for walk in the woods. Saddle him up and he'll gladly take our toddler on a ride. Beggars' Night? He's there to pass out candy. If I had to compare his temperament to that of a human, I'd say he was much like a 65-year old grandpa: dependable, well-mannered, wise, and even-keeled because of his years, and possessing the joie de vivre that bubbles up from the heart of a man with his grandkids. Because donkeys are herd-bound and highly social, we're glad to have him teaching manners to the rest of the donkeys. Ask anyone who pays us a visit, "Who's your favorite donkey here?" and they'll say, "Anton!" 

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