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Donkeys Currently for Sale.
**We are sold out of Donkeys for 2024**


Providence Cottage Lepanto 

Frosted Spotted White Jack (Wooly Carrier)

MDR# on file

Height 30"

Birth: April 27, 2017 in Fort Loramie, Ohio

Sire: The Elms Tip Top (31.5" Brown & White Spotted WOOLY) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: GJR Little Red Hairy (30" Dark Red) - Wheatland, Wyoming

          Granddam: MGF Tequila Sunrise (33" Dark Brown & White Spotted) - Gurley, Nebraska

Dam: The Elms Spice Cake (32.25" Dark Red) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska 

          Granddam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas

We decided to elevate Lepanto to the status of sire because of his excellent pedigree, unique color, and the very gentle temperament he has, in the hopes that he will pass on all of those things to his offspring. Lepanto has the personality of a Labrador - at your heels but not on them. He knows his job of breeding and is very efficient and secretive, keeps great vigilance over the girls, too. Is so gentle that I've always been able to run him with foals that belong to him or other sires. He came fully mature in early spring 2020, and debuted as stud for some new jennets on our farm. What he produced was outstanding - foals were nicely conformed to the breed standard, had unique coloring, and inherited his friendly disposition just like we hoped they would! He'll be a fabulous addition to both the starting breeder and the veteran farm alike. Lots of great years ahead and enormous potential from this small, nicely built jack. 

Price: SOLD to a Breeder in Florida! - CONGRATULATIONS


Providence Cottage Charlemagne

Dark Red Jack

MDR# pending

Birth Height: 20"

Birth: October 3, 2021 in Anna, OH

Sire: Providence Cottage Carthusian (30" Dark Brown and White Spotted) - Fort Loramie, OH 

          Grandsire: Heikens Ark Haley P (27.75" Red Grey-Dun/Roan) - 

          Granddam: TPR Holly Dandy (31" Dark Brown and White Spotted) -

Dam: The Elms Spice Cake (32.25" Dark Red) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska 

          Granddam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas

A red jack - everyone's favorite kind of donkey to see out on verdant pastures! We put Carthusian and Spice Cake together to produce a nice balance of color, stature, and temperament in a little jack donkey. Patient watching paid off for us this time, as our entire family got to witness his birth from start to finish (a true rarity!!). With his broad chest and strong head, Providence Cottage Charlemagne will likely grow up to be a powerful herd leader like his namesake, and will be used to sire many foals that we hope will inherit all of his stellar donkey characteristics. He's the deepest, darkest red jack foal we've ever seen, and out of our beloved The Elms Spice Cake! Charlemagne is a striking and compact jack that's well-marked with those dark ear tips, a bold dorsal cross, and collar buttons. He was sired by our very own Providence Cottage Carthusian, full of spots and micro.  Easy to handle - stands for the farrier and of a mild disposition, just like his well-broke dam and friendly sire. 

Born 10/2021 he's weaned and ready to come to your farm. 


Price: $old to a Breeder in Ohio - CONGRATULATIONS! 


"How much for this one?"

At Providence Cottage Farm, you can expect to see a donkey listed for sale starting at $1500.

When pricing individual animals, we take into consideration three things: 

1.) The pedigree and sex of each animal

2.) Each creature's unique attributes and conformity to the breed standard, which has bearing on their potential as a dear pet, show animal, or brood stock. 

3.) The current market pricing of Registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys across the nation,


We want everyone involved in the purchase - the buyer and seller both - to feel like they are part of a fair and wonderful exchange. We do our best to price our donkeys for what we believe they are worth, and strive to accommodate special requests when we can. 


Providence Cottage Farm sells and transfers ownership of donkeys according to recommendations of the NMDA and ADMS.


Donkeys come with a halter, lead rope, health record, and up to date on dewormings, hoof trims, and vaccinations.

We accept a 20% deposit to hold a donkey for 30 days. Foals require a deposit of 30%, and they will be held until weaning at approx. 4-6 months of age. 


Balance due 2 weeks before transport. 


Please feel welcome to call or email with questions!

Thank you for considering Providence Cottage Farm.

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