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Foals of 2017

Providence Cottage LEPANTO


Frosted Spotted White Jack (Wooly Carrier)

MDR# on file

Birth Height 20"

Birth: April 27, 2017 in Fort Loramie, Ohio

Sire: The Elms Tip Top (31.5" Brown & White Spotted WOOLY) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: GJR Little Red Hairy (30" Dark Red) - Wheatland, Wyoming

          Granddam: MGF Tequila Sunrise (33" Dark Brown & White Spotted) - Gurley, Nebraska

Dam: The Elms Spice Cake (32.25" Dark Red) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska 

          Granddam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas

Lepanto was the first foal born on our farm. We waited and waited for his arrival, and then finally one morning, just before dawn, there he was - standing at his dam's side! He was imprinted at birth, and as a result, is very mellow and easy to handle and train. Lepanto is the most curious, gentle little thing with just the right amount of friskiness. Always coming up to you from across the pasture and eager to receive your attention. Is he everything we could have asked for in our first foal? Absolutely.


His pedigree is remarkable, which is no surprise when you consider he was "created" at the reputable Elms Farm. Circle C Black Russian, S.S. Red Lightening, CP's Harry, LCR Valintino 50 - rich color and perfect conformation up and down his family tree on both sides. Lepanto has a slender face, nice long ears, and a perky, upright head like his dam. Our hopes are to stand him at stud when he comes of age. In the meantime, we get to watch him mature and enjoy the antics of this amazingly fluffy foal! 

UPDATE: Below are two photos that I took of Lepanto in late July 2018. As a yearling, he's measuring 29" at the withers, and now that he's shed out fully, you can see the hint of red in his coat.  He's retaining some dense dreadlocks on his underbelly, hinting at the wooly genetics he inherited from his sire. Straight front and hind legs, perfect bite, and a winningly polite personality. His future is bright as a show donkey or future herd sire! 

Lepanto 2018 right side_edited.jpg
Lepanto 2018 left side_edited.jpg
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