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Herd Sires


Providence Cottage Lepanto 

Frosted Spotted White Jack (Wooly Carrier)

MDR# on file

Height 30"

Birth: April 27, 2017 in Fort Loramie, Ohio

Sire: The Elms Tip Top (31.5" Brown & White Spotted WOOLY) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: GJR Little Red Hairy (30" Dark Red) - Wheatland, Wyoming

          Granddam: MGF Tequila Sunrise (33" Dark Brown & White Spotted) - Gurley, Nebraska

Dam: The Elms Spice Cake (32.25" Dark Red) - Mason, Ohio

          Grandsire: MGF Black Knight (32.5" Black) - Gurley, Nebraska 

          Granddam: Rearview's Red Synnamon (32.25" Dark Red) - Yates Center, Kansas

We decided to elevate Lepanto to the status of sire because of his excellent pedigree, unique color, and the very gentle temperament he has, in the hopes that he will pass on all of those things to his offspring. When he comes fully mature in early spring 2020, he'll debut as stud for some new jennets on our farm. After I do a little more research, we may choose to do selective line-breeding with him because his pedigree and form are so remarkable. 

Lepanto 2018 right side_edited.jpg
Lepanto 2018 left side_edited.jpg
Carthusian right side.jpg
Carthusian Oct 2019.jpg
Carthusian left side.jpg

Providence Cottage The Carthusian

Light Brown and White Spotted Jack

MDR# pending

Birth Height: 19.75"

Birth: September 16, 2018 in Fort Loramie, Ohio

Sire: Heikens Ark Haley P (27.75" Red/Grey-dun Roan)  

          Grandsire: Heikens Ark Pink Panther (28" Light Red) 

          Granddam: Heikens Ark Hope (30.5" Dark Brown and White Spot) - Addison, Vermont

Dam: TPR Holly Dandy (31" Dark Brown and White Spot) 

          Grandsire: Cider's Jim Dandy (30.5" Black w/ Cross) 

          Granddam: Heavenly Gum Drop (Dark Grey & White Spot) 


If you are looking for an exceptional MICRO herdsire prospect with spots and a fantastic personality to match, The Carthusian is the jack for your breeding program. He has a perfectly aligned bite and a good, straight stance. His dam has placed in shows for halter and color class, and his sire is from the legendary Heiken's Ark farm. As of October 2019, Carthusian measures 28" and has a small head-to-rump profile, which tells me he will stay small. He is registered with the American Donkey and Mule Society in their exclusive Miniature Mediterranean Donkey Registry, and his dam is registered with the American Council of the Spotted Ass (ACOSA), so he can be, too! He is one of the best foals I've seen born here, and that makes it difficult to decide which jack to set with the jennet each year. I suppose that's a good 'problem' to have! 

*******Past Herd Sires******* 


Papettis Eggstraordinary J.J. 

Dark Red Jack

MDR# on file

Height: 30"

Birth: August 15, 2006 in Addison, Vermont

Sire: Stoney Acres Pompei (31.5" Dark Red) - Dinsbury, Alberta, Canada

          Grandsire: MGF Prairie Fire (32" Red) - Gurley, Nebraska

          Granddam: White Star's X'Treme Diva (31" Dark Brown) - Canada 

Dam: Ass-pirin Acres Jesta Starfire (32.5" Red) - Addison, Vermont

          Grandsire: Happytime Acres Firecracker Red (32.5" Red) - Lincoln, Nebraska

          Granddam: Ass-pirin Acres Lil Red Jessubelle (33.5" Red) - Vergennes, Vermont

It took a full year to find J.J., who ticked all the boxes on my "ideal herd sire" wish list. I wanted a well-conformed, mild-mannered, proven male to launch our breeding program. A jack that was on the small side, thicker-boned, drafty, and with strong red genetics. Many thanks to my husband who took me on a 10 hour road trip (with an infant in tow!) to bring J.J. home. (I owe you one, Joe!) 

J.J. has sired several registered foals in his career. He runs here with a harem of jennets, and is comfortable enough in his role as boss to allow foals and geldings to roam the same pasture. The ability to do that is an unusual and highly desirable quality. The very long list of famous reds in his background (The Fireman, S.S. Red Lightening, Valentino 50, and Redsonnehi, to name a few) are a huge complement to J.J.'s temperament and build. He's the entire package when it comes to a small, stocky, red jack. 

** SOLD! **

J.J. went to a breeding program in Georgia.

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